Midge and I took over in 1986 and had a plan to re-introduce old school, traditional style, cooking and food preparation, or simply "home style cooking". Cooking from "scratch" or "scratch cooking". Example; All of our potatoes come in as a raw product (raw potatoes). we prep this product fresh daily, with no added preservatives, as to maintain the freshness. One more product I would like to point out is our Country Gravy, fresh from "scratch". Our gravy is not sausage gravy but Southern Style Country Gravy!! Bacon and Ham based (without giving up my recipe) is what we call "scratch". True it costs more to cook from "scratch", but we will not compromise our freshness and quality of product.



I would like to close by saying THANK YOU!!! to our friends, far and near for your loyalty for this many years!


- Tom, Midge, our children & staff.

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